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Linen Selection

Linen Selection (View Color Palette)

  • Polyester Solids
  • Satin solids
  • Damask
  • Imperial Stripe

Events come together with linen. Our linens will add to to your theme or provide the back drop for your event. We have a wide variety of colors, styles, and sizes to choose from. Whether you need linens daily or for a special event, call on us to provide quality linens with low cost service.

Tablecloth Size Information:

90” Round TableCloth:

  • 30” Round Table: drops to floor
  • 36” Round Table: 3” short of floor
  • 48” Round Table: 9” short of floor
  • 60” Round Table: drops halfway to floor
  • 72” Round Table: N/A

108” Round Tablecloth:

  • 30” Round Table: N/A
  • 36” Round Table: N/A
  • 48” Round Table: drops to floor
  • 60” Round Table: 6” short of floor
  • 72” Round Table: 12” short of floor

120” Round Tablecloth:

  • 60” Round Table: drops to floor
  • 72” Round Table: 6” short of floor
  • All Round Tables with extenders to 42” height

132” Round Tablecloth:

  • 72” Round Table: drops to floor

60×120” Tablecloth:

  • 6’ Banquet Table: covers top with 15” drop on sides & 24” drop on ends
  • 8’ Banquet Table: covers top with 15” drop on sides & 12” drop on ends

90×156” Tablecloth:

  • 6’ Banquet Table: N/A
  • 8’ Banquet Table: covers top and sides to floor

Washing, Stains, Damage

Please do not wash linens!

Our commercial facilities allow us to clean them better. Stains are much easier to remove without pre-washing. You are not responsible for most stains or damage provided it was accidental. You are responsible for burn holes, wax damage or stains resulting from using the linens to wipe up spills or food left in the linens.

Tent Liners

Increase the elegance of any event!

pic_liner_new_1_big pic_liner_new_2_big

Tent liners hide the superstructure of your tent. They provide the perfect setting for lighting enhancements. The soft white material flows from the center of the tent to the edges. We offer the luxury of tent liners in 20′, 30′ and 40′ widths.

Tent Doors


We offer French doors for our tents

These are the same high quality French doors you may use on your home. They feature real glass and automatic closers. French doors are a wonderful addition to any event or tent configuration.

Side Walls

Side walls can provide crowd control and a more open ambience to your event. We carry a variety of styles including; Mesh wall, Clear and Window Sidewall.

sidewalls-windowSidewalls (Solid) Sidewall (Clear)

Pipe & Drape


16’ White & Black Drape

Offered in three sizes: 16’, 8’ & 3’



Fencing can be attractive and functional

It can be used to politely direct your guests, to maintain an exclusive area such as VIP seating, to provide a more secure event venue, an indoor garden area or beautify an outdoor area.

Portable A/C and Heat

Mobile Air Conditioning and Heat

Perfect for tent and event cooling. Will work for emergency cooling, special event structures and temporary needs.

pic_air_1 pic_air_2 pic_air_3

pic_fanPedestal fans

Don’t let the summer heat spoil your event.

pic_heaterPatio Heaters

Don’t let the cold weather spoil your event.

Retractable Stanchions & Carpet Runners

Keep your event traffic under control with rope and stanchion systems.

Black Retractable Stanchion

Red Carpet Runner