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We can design stages to fit any event! We can place stages over almost any obstacle. Our stages can be as small as 4′ x 4′. Heights are adjustable 12 inches to 5′ high.

4’ x 4’ Sections
4’ x 4’ Sections, carpeted
Skirting, per foot

ADA Ramp Systems: Please Call
Safety Rail, per foot
Backdrop, per foot

Complete your event floor plans
We have the ability to provide you with temporary staging or floor systems to suit almost all needs. For business events, dance floors and weddings.


Dance Floors

Wonderful for Indoor or Outdoor Use. A professional and portable flooring system is the safe and enjoyable way to enhance the event. Our dance floors are available in wood parquet and the very popular wood grain vinyl. Please allow us to custom size your dance floor to ensure it is right for your event.

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Portable Flooring Systems

Port-a-Floor is the ideal flooring system

pic_portafloorIt is specifically designed to protect sensitive grass surfaces at stadiums, fairgrounds, golf courses or your lawn. It can remain on grass surfaces for many days without damaging or killing the grass.

A unique moisture canopy is designed to prevent the grass from drying out or overheating. Moisture is retained within the canopy to keep the grass green and growing. Port-a-floor also protects grass surfaces by evenly distributing the weight, even under extreme weight, such as fork lifts or trucks.

pic_portafloor_2Port-a-floor is an excellent option for a practical and nice appearing floor covering on asphalt, sand or other surfaces as well. It is more attractive than black asphalt and its unique design allows rain to flow under the surface while your guests’ feet stay dry. Port-a-floor makes a wonderful ADA Compliant covering which allows wheelchair accessibility.